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April 11, 2020

Thank you so much for all your help Leigh! I have recommended you to friends.

Spanish Number Plates have successfully registered over 3,500 vehicles in 12 years and has expertise and knowledge in the registration of all types of vehicles from many different countries as well as the transfer of ownership of Spanish registered vehicles.

Leigh Blann took over the running of Spanish Number Plates from Graham Shelton in 2018 when he semi-retired and has seen it grow from strength to strength.

Based in the Vega Baja area of Alicante Province our sole purpose is to enable the registration of foreign plated vehicles brought into Spain, or to transfer ownership of Spanish registered vehicles. Whilst our core area is Alicante and Murcia provinces, we have also successfully re-registered vehicles throughout the entire Spanish Peninsular and the Balearics. We cannot assist in the Canary Islands as these are outside of the EU for tax purposes.

Our aim is to provide a simple stress-free and prompt service so that your vehicle is fully legal in Spain and throughout the world. We want you to be so satisfied with the service, that you would be happy to refer us to a friend or neighbour.

Are we the cheapest ?

As with any business, there is always somebody cheaper. Our aim is to provide an outstanding value-for-money service at competitive rates.

Whilst the majority of our clients are British, we have also successfully re-registered vehicles from many other countries including Ireland, Germany, France, Scandinavia USA, Middle East and even Australia, as the process is essentially the same irrespective of the country in which the car is presently registered. Where a car has to be assessed by Customs, we can assist with this also.

Our service is designed to successfully take your vehicle through all of the phases necessary to make you a fully legal vehicle owner in Spain. This specifically includes a matriculation engineer’s inspection and report (to satisfy the Spanish authorities that your vehicle is what it says it is on your present registration document and acceptable for use on Spanish roads), ITV (MOT) inspection and presentation of your documents to various Spanish government departments in your province.


A flat fee charge is agreed so you know exactly what you are paying up front with no nasty surprises at the end.

Why re-register?

EU legislation states that vehicles must be registered, taxed and inspected in the same country as the vehicle is kept.

If you split your time between the UK and Spain, then you need not re-register, so long as your vehicle is in Spain for no more than 6 months in any 12 and by implication, that you can prove this if asked by the authorities.

If your vehicle is in Spain for more than 6 months, then you need to re-register the vehicle in Spain and display Spanish number plates. If you are a resident of Spain, you have one month to re-register.

We all know many ex-pats who have had their car in Spain for quite some time with no apparent problem. Whilst it is not our intention to scaremonger, we are obliged to point out that these drivers are taking quite a risk and will most certainly have a problem if stopped by the authorities, have an accident or have their vehicle stolen and/or choose to make an insurance claim.

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Why Spanish Number Plates?

Customer service that's why! We put our customers first, and get the job done fast!

  • 12 years experience with over 3,500 successful re-registrations
  • Fast, professional service
  • We are legally registered
  • We work in conjunction with legal experts, mechanics, engineers and insurance companies
  • Cars, motohomes, motorbikes, caravans and trailers can all be registered
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