Wonder how many of you suffered from New Year revolutions? You know when you have finished talking to God down the porcelain telephone then flop into bed to find that the ceiling is spinning around- Never again!

No, just a pun to allow you to think about what you will do with your car, bike or motor home this year. I like to think that I practice what I preach, but my smugness came a cropper over Christmas when I got a puncture. On closer inspection it was no surprise as two of the tyres whilst superficially looking OK had worn below the wear bars, more expense just when I didn’t need it. So, check your tyres; the wear bars run across the tyre treads at right angles and when these are flush then the tyres need changing.

How many of us were caught out by the recent pea-souper fog that seemed to envelop most of the country? Well we all know where our high intensity rear lights are now. How about checking the other back lights? Most Spanish cars have at least one brake light and/or rear light dysfunctional (try saying that after a night out), so get the missus to stand at the back of the car and check, best not to after a row, or reverse close to a shop window. We drive so much more in the dark at the moment, so it’s a good idea to see and be seen

Fancy a change?

Thinking of changing your vehicle? Do your homework as the process is full of pitfalls. If buying from a dealer ensure that you get a proper receipt; if selling privately ensure that the transfer to the new owner takes place as not doing so causes much heartache

Now is a good time of year to buy a bike, camper or caravan as they are cheaper. Buying a vehicle outside Spain is generally less expensive than buying a similar one here even accounting for the registration taxes, but again take care that the paperwork is in order as this can cause more problems than the vehicle itself. In most cases a background check is a good idea.

Road tax and ITV

Road tax is payable for the calendar year, so it seems logical to we Brits that it should be paid in January. This tax is set by your Town Hall which sends the bills out around Easter time. Whoever a vehicle is registered to on 1st January is liable for the tax

The ITV has a fixed date when it is due; the ITV sticker in your windshield indicates the year and month only; the actual date is shown on the ITV card. A vehicle can be taken for inspection any time before this date but this will become the anniversary for subsequent inspections. Being able to have the inspection early is of benefit to those of you who are part timers in Spain as you can time the ITV to match a period when you are normally here

The ITV card shows a full technical description of your vehicle so anything that you have added to it also needs to appear on the card, a tow bar is a good example, so if your “reform” has not been added, now would be prudent


We all know that regular servicing is a good idea. Ask for referrals to good mechanic. As with most things, the cheapest may not be the best; cutting costs may mean cutting corners. Air con? You’re having a laugh! May be less expensive to get it serviced now rather than wait for the hot weather to arrive. Don’t forget to change the pollen filter  as a dirty one minimises the effect of both the air con and heater

Have a great New Year- Keep the resolutions up and the revolutions down