Spanish Number Plates is the name of our business and our primary roles is re-registering foreign vehicles so that they end up with, well, Spanish number plates

Some people however take the name literally and calls are often received from people asking me where to get replacement plates and even UK plates (?) An English lady acquaintance not renowned for her intellectual capacity thought for months that I spent all day actually making the plates. I suppose that these misconceptions are perfectly understandable. I imagine that there are some people who think that Alcoholics Anonymous is a club for secret drinkers, firemen are pyromaniacs and people who network are employed in the fishing industry. As for solicitors, perhaps they are found on roundabouts?

So where do you get number plates and for that matter other car bits? Everyone asks if there is a Halfords in Spain, well if there is I’ve never seen one and the nearest equivalent that I know of is a company called “Feu Vert” who frequently have concessions in or next to large supermarkets. The company that I use for most parts is Serca who are part of the massive “a.d.” group with outlets all over Spain and beyond who operate in a similar way to “Partco” in the UK, being available for both trade and private customers. Many garages also supply plates

As in the UK, if you wish to obtain a replacement number plate for your vehicle, you will need to take the vehicle documents with you and will often be asked for the ubiquitous NIE and some form of identity