Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) are the standard repeating type that anyone in business hears every day. Lately I have had a number of different posers. I like a challenge and get a buzz out of helping people as it feeds my ego! The following are all genuine requests for advice which you may find of interest

Taxi baby seats

Q/ A friend is bringing her baby on holiday soon and planning to take a taxi

from Alicante airport. What is the situation regarding baby seats or child restraints in Spanish taxis?

A/.Taxis are not normally equipped with baby seats etc. so my advice is to try and book one on line or check the airline’s website to see if they recommend a taxi firm that can fulfil your needs

Client response. Thanks for the suggestion. The official taxi firm at Alicante airport is Radio Taxi Elche. Baby seats can be booked in advance by phone or online (n.b I imagine that all airports have similar firms- GS.)

Bar room rubbish

Q/ About 9 months ago you re-registered our Focus; all went well. However a gent in the bar was claiming that RHD vehicles are no longer passing the ITV in certain regions; he also claims that this policy will shortly be coming to Murcia.

A/ RHD commercial vehicles cannot be re-registered, but as for normal cars, the gent’s statement is rubbish! Incidentally vehicle regulations are nationwide, not regional

Camp site dweller

Q/ I live on a caravan site and have no NIE number. Can a caravan site be classed as an address for vehicle re-registration purposes?

A/Yes, we can re-register your car, though you will need to obtain an NIE certificate, using the caravan site as your address

Old motor home

Q/ I am a resident and have recently purchased a 1989 UK registered motor home; can I put it onto Spanish plates?

A/ As a resident you can only re-register a motor home of this age as Historic when it becomes 30 years old

Bike racks

Q/Can a portable bike rack be used on cars in Spain?

A/ Thanks to the guys at Cyclogical in Quesada, I can confirm that they can, so long as the rear lights or number plate are not obscured, in which case a removable lighting and plate bar is required

The old chestnut

Q/I was thinking of bringing my car out to leave in Spain. What are the rules? Do I have to get the plates changed? Where do I get the car Mot,d (if it remains UK registered), do I have to pay car tax and are there any penalties to pay if not paying to the right country? My neighbour has had two cars with English number plates for 10 years and nobody has bothered him

A/Road tax is levied annually and generally speaking is less than in the UK. You cannot get an MOT in Spain. The penalties for non-compliance with the law range from fines to impoundment

Your neighbours are not alone in driving UK cars for years. The police have other priorities and may not bother too much unless they have a purge, or you have an accident. Some people are comfortable in passing police check points, others find that it makes them nervous

Advantages of continuing on UK plates

You do not have to pay road tax (others can do this); once your MOT run out, you cannot renew your UK road tax on line. You will not have to pay for an annual MOT (A voluntary Spanish ITV is not a direct replacement and has no legal standing)


You would have to pay the cost or re-registration and may have to change your headlights. You would have to pay annual road tax and for ITV tests

Please keep the questions coming; they keep me on my toes and may help others in similar situations, but FAQ’s are on my website, so check this out first