Between 2009 and 2018 when he semi-retired, Graham Shelton of Spanish Number Plates wrote a fortnightly column for the Costa News Group which covers most of the towns and cities of the Mediterranean coastline. Many of these are included in this section of posts having been updated in April 2020. Some cannot be included now because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Although this information is correct as of this date, if you are unsure about what has been said, especially if this contradicts other information that you have been given, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

The ones in the “archived files” section are old and out of date, but are shown for historical reasons.

Importing vehicles from the UK post Brexit

Yes, we are sick of hearing the “B” word, but it is upon us and no going back. Only today (14th December) was I able to get clarification regarding the importing of vehicles into Spain from the UK from the end of this year, so here we go: All vehicles being imported into Spain from […]

New year checks

This Christmas and New Year will see me in the UK for a well earned break. Nice place to visit but who would want to live in that climate? The UK weather forecast is for fog, frost and icy roads so I am hoping that my hire car is well equipped with snow chains, de-icing […]

ITV periodic inspections

  • Posted in: ITV
Funny how things happen in threes. Recently I have spoken to customers who all have had problems relating to periodic ITV inspections. The periodic inspection as you can probably guess is the regular inspection that takes place when your car or other vehicle is Spanish. This is slightly less rigorous and certainly less expensive than […]

High horses and ITV inspection

  • Posted in: ITV
A customer mentioned the other day that she enjoyed reading my articles; great food for my ego, but gently mentioned that I could get onto my high horse. Ah, ego deflated. She is right of course and the line between being a source of knowledge, sharing it and being an arrogant know-all is a thin […]

Vehicle inspection

  • Posted in: ITV
In the bad old days, we took our car along to Slik Fiks and left our pride and joy in the hands of a qualified MOT inspector who did his thing whilst we got a mate to give us a lift to work. We received a phone call and could hear the mechanic sucking in […]

ITV facts and myths

  • Posted in: ITV
Recently the press has been full of stories about drivers being fined for having an inadequate ITV inspection. The stories focused on drivers living in the Valencian Community, having an ITV inspection in Murcia. The test in Valencia Region includes a noise test to ensure that your exhaust is less loud than a boy racer’s […]

Preparation for the ITV

  • Posted in: ITV
With the introduction of new laws regarding motoring there has been a flurry of activity, as the ITV stations are rammed full with drivers and riders getting their vehicles inspected. Pedro, Paco and Paci (Paco’s female equivalent) are taking packed lunches whilst queuing up for their inspection. Making an appointment would have been easier Basic […]

In Their View

  • Posted in: ITV
The subject of ITV (Inspeccion Tecnico de Vehiculos) is very much in the press recently not least because the Valencia Community has the highest charges in Spain and uniquely tests noise levels, so play safe if you live in this region and have your car inspected within its boundaries So, let’s take another look at […]

The ITV inspection

  • Posted in: ITV
One of the wonders on moving to Spain is to see the signs for ITV. “Oooh look we can get English telly!” English language TV is a subject that is far too thorny for me to get involved in, but in Spain, ITV stands for “Inspection Tecnica de Vehiculos”. This is the Spanish equivalent of […]

Major changes to the ITV procedure

  • Posted in: ITV
From May 21st 2018 there were a number of major changes introduced at the ITV (MOT) testing stations. You would expect that such changes would be specific, giving clear instructions of how the changes are to be implemented and monitored. Thankfully no!The most consistent practice in Spain is in its inconsistency, which may explain why […]

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