Between 2009 and 2018 when he semi-retired, Graham Shelton of Spanish Number Plates wrote a fortnightly column for the Costa News Group which covers most of the towns and cities of the Mediterranean coastline. Many of these are included in this section of posts having been updated in April 2020. Some cannot be included now because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Although this information is correct as of this date, if you are unsure about what has been said, especially if this contradicts other information that you have been given, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

The ones in the “archived files” section are old and out of date, but are shown for historical reasons.


Many of us take tyres for granted until it time to replace them. No-one likes to spend too much so the budget range is popular and this is especially true for those clients that have had to exchange what they thought were perfectly good ones when they failed an ITV inspection. Well tyres are black, […]

Vehicle parts

Flat battery-damn! This has happened to us all, along with shredded wipers, punctured tyres, burnt out bulbs et al: Many of us use a workshop to take care of our vehicles and reputable ones are a godsend, but there are some folks who like to take care of their own. In the UK we know […]

Bikes and towbars

There are few things that the bar room layers are correct over but one thing they mostly get right is the issue of towbars and the potential problems with them when re-registering cars. Problems can arise with any aftermarket equipment when re-registering and as towbars are the most common after-market fit it is why they […]

Engine emissions

Most motorists have a preference for either petrol or diesel engines. Both types have their pro and cons, but our choice is influenced by various factors and our own prejudices. We have not been helped by governments chopping and changing their minds as to which is best, especially regarding higher taxation often dressed up as […]

Shedding light

With the crisis forcing many authorities to switch off street lights as a cost cutting exercise, vehicle lighting has become much more important. However many cars in Spain have non-working lights; paradoxically this is because an ITV inspector would not normally fail a vehicle with one defective light but merely advise the driver to change […]

What a gas!

We know that we live in tough times and the taxman is doing everything to get his hands on what money we have left, but something smells In Spain (and some other EU countries) registration tax is levied on most vehicles whether new or being imported. The tax used to be based upon the vehicle’s […]

Tow bars and reforms

The warmer weather is upon us and I guess many are spring cleaning their caravans or scraping the barnacles off their boat trailers. Perhaps some drivers are tired of being bumped from behind by the shuffling of parking cars. Either way, the myths and legends surrounding tow bars in Spain has become a hot topic […]

Air bags and Headlights

Last October I went through the same experience that most of my customers over the past few years have suffered. It was the old Citroen’s turn to go through the ITV inspection. Despite having done it hundreds of times before with vehicles belonging to others, this time I learned what customers go through, which is […]

Tyres (neumaticos)

Well the answer is 1.6 millimetres, so what was the question? A reader called up to ask what the official minimum tyre tread depth is. He had asked his mates and depending upon which “bar room lawyer” he spoke to, he got a different answer; well there’s a surprise, so I double checked with the […]

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