Yes, we are sick of hearing the “B” word, but it is upon us and no going back. Only today (14th December) was I able to get clarification regarding the importing of vehicles into Spain from the UK from the end of this year, so here we go:

  1. All vehicles being imported into Spain from the UK may become liable for Customs Duty at 10% of the vehicle’s value plus 21% of the value in IVA. This will apply even though VAT will have been paid in the UK. In addition, the cost of processing a vehicle through Customs is approx. €250.
  2. If your vehicle was here before Brexit, a ferry/tunnel ticket will be required to prove this. In such cases, only the Customs fees will be payable and not the Duties and taxes but see below.
  3. Any vehicle from any country should be registered within 6 months of arrival in Spain. If outside of this time frame, fines may be levied by Customs unless a justifiable reason for non-registration can be given.

This is pure speculation from me, but travel restrictions due to Covid may be a justifiable reason, but each case will be taken on its merits. In any event, the vehicle will need to be presented to Customs either to pay the Duties and Taxes or gain exemption. Trafico will not register a vehicle without proof of payment of D&T or authorised exemption.

What are your options now and in the future if your vehicle is still UK registered?

  • Register it in Spain sooner rather than later
  • Return it to the UK
  • Scrap it

Whilst I have no proof of this, I suspect that the authorities will be clamping down on UK vehicles in the New Year, as they are an easy target and a good source of revenue when the country is cash strapped due to Covid.

In the past, many expats have sourced cars in the UK due to their low cost compared to Spain. Whilst this may still be a favourable option despite the additional costs, sourcing vehicles in the remaining EU countries may be a better option. Germany seems a popular choice.