Between 2009 and 2018 when he semi-retired, Graham Shelton of Spanish Number Plates wrote a fortnightly column for the Costa News Group which covers most of the towns and cities of the Mediterranean coastline. Many of these are included in this section of posts having been updated in April 2020. Some cannot be included now because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Although this information is correct as of this date, if you are unsure about what has been said, especially if this contradicts other information that you have been given, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

The ones in the “archived files” section are old and out of date, but are shown for historical reasons.

Motorhomes and older vehicles

It’s that time of the year again when in preparation for touring our beautiful adopted country peoples’ thoughts turn to motorhomes which seem to be more popular than caravans for getting out and about I have been advised by previous clients that such vehicles in Spain are expensive, less cared for with lower specifications which […]

Bikes and towbars

There are few things that the bar room layers are correct over but one thing they mostly get right is the issue of towbars and the potential problems with them when re-registering cars. Problems can arise with any aftermarket equipment when re-registering and as towbars are the most common after-market fit it is why they […]

Buses, vans and campers

Moons ago the use of public transport was the norm when we were either too young or too poor to own a car or bike. Standing in the freezing rain cursing the driver who was late again it was a joy to get inside the warm bus, listening to the grumbling passengers whilst trying to […]

Caravan registration (2015)

Caravans over 750 KG in carrying capacity need to be registered in Spain as they are in most EU countries but firstly let me demolish an enduring urban myth. It does not matter on which side of the caravan the door is on. New caravans purchased in Spain are inspected on their 6th anniversary of […]

Homes on wheels

Ah, the freedom of the road; touring this beautiful country with no pressure of time or just taking a short break. A caravan or motorhome allows us to wander at will, stay for as long as we like and move on when we fancy; fantastic if neighbours have pitched in from hell or you need […]

Motor homes and campers

If there is a difference between motor homes and campervans I don’t know what it is, but the anorak in me gets curious about such trivia. Called vans with curtains, homes on wheels and other less flattering names, but never mobile homes as these are large static caravans; ah well Many people who like the […]

Caravan theft

This week I was sorely tempted to respond to more letters about driving licences, but this has been covered ad nauseum and my sources are original such as Trafico so should be accurate; people will believe what they want to believe. It has further been suggested that there is no need to register a UK […]

Little white boxes

For me caravanning spells freedom; for others they are those little white boxes that clutter up the roads slowing down the traffic and are difficult to overtake; furthermore the owners don’t even pay road tax Like many things in life such as health ‘n safety and political correctness opinions are polarised and unlikely to change, […]

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