Between 2009 and 2018 when he semi-retired, Graham Shelton of Spanish Number Plates wrote a fortnightly column for the Costa News Group which covers most of the towns and cities of the Mediterranean coastline. Many of these are included in this section of posts having been updated in April 2020. Some cannot be included now because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Although this information is correct as of this date, if you are unsure about what has been said, especially if this contradicts other information that you have been given, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

The ones in the “archived files” section are old and out of date, but are shown for historical reasons.

Lessons learned

In 1971 I was enjoying a brief spell in Bermuda as my Royal Navy frigate was based there for a while. It was a tough life, beautiful beaches and girls, crystal clear blue seas and a leisurely pace for motorists due to the very low speed limit. Well someone had to be there! Hiring mopeds […]

Signs of the times

Most road signs that you see in Spain are common throughout Europe so cause we expats no confusion. Roundabout signs even tell us which way to go around them, but I can’t be the only one who has got this wrong in both countries! The word “Stop” is universally used even in those countries where […]

Why do Brits drive on the left?

So, we arrive off the ferry at Calais or Santander and must remind ourselves to drive on the right side of the road because for years, we on our tiny island have been driving on the “proper” side and now have to fall in line with “Johnnie foreigner” but why? It is widely accepted that […]

Hand Signals

At one time the Admiralty had semaphores mounted at high points to send signals to the main naval bases of Portsmouth, Plymouth and Chatham whereby information could be passed within minutes as opposed to fast horses which may have taken days Those of you with silver hair may recall that when we were young the […]

Do’s and Don’ts when motoring

Newer arrivals in Spain tell me that they are very confused after reading blogs which give contradictory information about motoring. They are then more confused by the bar-room lawyers who know everything and nothing. Professional advice from seasoned practitioners in any area is always best, so here are some tips regarding motoring in Spain What […]

Driving Defensively

When I arrange to meet customers, so that they know what I look like, I describe myself as a short guy with grey hair. Other descriptions have been applied in the past but as this is a family newspaper, I can’t repeat them here. The customers often reply that they fit the same description, so […]

Bloody drivers!

I have seen this expletive mouthed a few times by expats driving in Spain. Other choice expressions too, but this is a family newspaper! Put aside the lunatics that plague the roads throughout the world, but normal driving behaviour here is shall we say, different A statement of the bleedin’ obvious is that they drive […]

In car cameras

Dear Sir Thank you for your letter in relation to in-car cameras as described. As the motoring correspondent for the CBN I have been asked to respond I have to say that the information which you supplied as to why they cannot be fitted seemed very plausible, especially as the Spanish law enforcement agencies are […]

Here and there

Ah, motoring in the UK. The mere thought sent shudders as it was not an experience that I was eager to reacquaint myself with The visit to my native land  was for the ability to visit my own kids, grandkids and siblings made me try to put motoring concerns to one side. Whilst having a […]

Comms and closeness

A client confided that whilst preparing for life in Spain she had read so much contradictory information on expat blogs that she had become totally confused, indeed concerned as she could no longer be sure that she was doing everything correctlyI advised her to seek, by recommendation, specialists in their field in order to get […]

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