Between 2009 and 2018 when he semi-retired, Graham Shelton of Spanish Number Plates wrote a fortnightly column for the Costa News Group which covers most of the towns and cities of the Mediterranean coastline. Many of these are included in this section of posts having been updated in April 2020. Some cannot be included now because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

Although this information is correct as of this date, if you are unsure about what has been said, especially if this contradicts other information that you have been given, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

The ones in the “archived files” section are old and out of date, but are shown for historical reasons.

Vehicle Restoration

I wonder how many readers have seen an old run down finca for sale. As the estate agents would have it “rural location, interesting views, in need of some decoration” when in reality it is middle of nowhere, overlooking a quarry and has foundations only. Some have no doubt been turned into dream homes; others […]

Classic cars

A classic or historic car is defined as one more than 30 years old (previously 25). Here on the Costas there are quite a few clubs for aficionados of such ageing beauties, (no not the over 60’s singles meetings!) either for a single marque, such as Jaguar or those catering for any model. There are […]

Historic vehicles

Here in Spain an Historic vehicle is defined as one more than 30 years old (previously 25). This  means that for the majority of us our first pride and joy falls into this category; blimey how time flies Mine was a Mark 1 Cortina in navy blue with a bench seat and column gear change; […]

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