Dear Sir

Thank you for your letter in relation to in-car cameras as described. As the motoring correspondent for the CBN I have been asked to respond

I have to say that the information which you supplied as to why they cannot be fitted seemed very plausible, especially as the Spanish law enforcement agencies are rather coy about being photographed when in the line of duty at events such as riots so I approached the issue expecting your information to be confirmed

However I am pleased to say that such cameras are allowed. This information has been corroborated through my specialist gestoria, Trafico and the head of the ITV station where I work daily. The only provisos are that such a device must not interfere with the vision of the driver, nor must such a devise be adjusted whilst the car is in motion; the same rules also apply to satellite navigation systems

Additionally as with any fixed modification to the specification of a vehicle the devise must be approved in terms of its specifications and fitting and added to the ITV card (ficha tecnica) as is the norm with modifications to any vehicle

By coincidence I recently saw two bikers with such cameras mounted onto their helmets; I guess that this is one way around having the ITV card amended!